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echo 1 m28  Empty echo 1 m28

Post by laneblackout on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:06 pm

ok so to start out with my review for the m28 I want to start out by saying this gun is extremely heavy. this gun broke a lot for me, jammed bbs, miss fire, trigger locking up commenly, almost every other fire. bipod falling off. I had to move my scope rings and rezero my scope, only rail that's had to happen. very high fps, chronoed mine at 517 fps. this gun is supposed to be alike the javlin m24, they look exactly the same but cannot use some of there items. javlin mags don't fit in the echo 1 and vice versa

gun included: 2 mags (18 rnds) bipod barrel adaptor speed loader


adjustable stock
comes with a lot of stuff
echo 1 30 day warrenty included
loos great
metal barrel and parts
only $175


extremely heavy
jams a lot
had to move scope rings


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