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Freedom Airsoft Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty Freedom Airsoft Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by DHM078 on Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:22 pm

Welcome to Freedom Airsoft, place for serious airsofters to go for quality, mature discussion of everything airsoft. Like all forums, we have some rules to maintain a functional and friendly discussion environment. We can't list every possible thing that could be done to detract from our forum's friendly, functional state, so normal standards of public discord have to be assumed. The rules listed here point out the main things we would and would not like to see, and include guidelines for posting in a beneficial manner. The forum is a private forum, so membership is a privilege, so myself and our moderator team intervene when necessary to impartially keep the peace and order. There will inevitably be disagreements and debates, and while it is good to hear everyone opinions and thoughts, certain degree of courteousness is always expected. In a nutshell: be good.

1. Flaming, and any other modes of disrespect toward other members will absolutely not be tolerated. I don’t care how much you may hate someone. Keep your dirty laundry off this page.

2. We have a zero tolerance policy on trolling. Doing so will get you a swift ban.

3. Anything that shows intolerance of other races, genders, sexual preferences, religions/beliefs will get you kicked. We do not tolerate intolerance.

4. Respect the staff. If you can’t figure out why pissing off admins is a bad idea, get your head examined. Note that correcting an admin isn't harassing; we are quite aware that we are imperfect and WILL make mistakes. If a correction pertains to actual moderating action though we request that you keep it between yourself and the staff and not public. If it's just usual discussion, correct us as you would any other member.

5. Any posts containing or link to pornography or similarly lewd/inappropriate content will get you banned.

6. If you are unsure of whether or not something is allowed/appropriate, ask a staff member.

7. Political or religious discussion is strictly forbidden. This one's just a can of worms and generally has no airsoft relevance. Many people have very strong and often totally contrasting opinions on a myriad of issues whose discussion may bring discord to an otherwise amiable web community. The exception is SB798, or anything similar should it come up in the future.

8. Topic titles must be related to the subject and specific. The title should tell the reader what the thread is about. Titles like "I have a question", "Which gun?", "Need help", "gun is broken", "Which is better", "M4", ect. are not acceptable. Threads with overly vague topic titles will be deleted.

9. Do not bump posts unless an admin says to keep something bumped/at the top. If an admin okays it, anyone may feel free to bump it if it is staying down. If an admin says to quit bumping it, obviously stop. If you want your post to stay bumped, PM a staff member. This is all to prevent excessive bumping of stuff that really doesn’t need it.

10. Please restrict discussion to the topic of the thread you are in. In chat, there is no specific topic but the discussion should still pertain to airsoft.

12. Be smart and specific about questions. “Is this a good gun” and “what should I put on my M4” will probably be deleted. Same with “what gun should I get” and “which gun should I get (and a bunch of links).” Give people something to work with. Tell us your application, how you intend to use it, planned upgrades, ect. In general, be smart about your questions, and do a little research before asking. Don’t expect everyone else to solve all your problems. Be specific about normal non-question posts too. Overly vague stuff may be deleted.

13. Do not start picture threads. Using pictures is absolutely allowed and encouraged, just don't start a thread with basically just pictures to show off your gun/gear/whatever. We have a gallery for that. Now if you have a something like a custom gun that you want to document, that's okay. If you aren't sure, your best bet is to PM a staff member and get approval.

14. Try to post in half decent English. Make complete statements. We aren't grammar/spelling Nazis here, and I realize that some of you are typing on a phone, and it may be difficult to get it right. But we shouldn't have to read it 10+ times to get the gist of it.

15. Refrain from use of profanity and lewd comments. No, we won’t ban you for an occasional curse or something, or a joke in chat, but realize that we have a wide range ages here. If told by a staff member to ease up, do it. Posts that are especially offensive may bring further action from the staff.

16. Do not post duplicate threads of the same topic in multiple forums. For instance, if you need help upgrading your AEG, do not post both in "AEG Discussion" and "Internal Upgrading". It will clutter the board, and will not get your question answered any faster.

17. Staff actions are official records. Modifying or removing anything done by the staff, or modifying posts in locked threads is strictly forbidden.

18. If there is an issue you feel needs staff attention, PM a staff member, or report the posts in question. Include a link to the posts in question, or a screenshot if in chat. We will handle it as soon as possible.

19. Check the date of the last post in a thread before posting. If it is old, do not "necropost" and revive the old thread. If it is a central topic and you have something significant to add, that is okay, as is reviving your own thread with an update. If you are unsure of whether to revive a thread or start a new one, PM a staff member.

20. Do not make useless posts or post excessively to boost your post count. Speak because you have something to say, not because you have to say something.

21. Do not make multiple posts in a row in any thread. You can modify your previous post to include new content.

22. No discussion of illegal or dangerous subjects. This means no pyrotechnics, fireworks, or gunpowder and explosives. High powered or dangerous things such as high powered potato guns is also off limits. Discussion of ambiguously legal devices such as functional silencers/suppressors is also not allowed. We are held liable for the content of this site, so anything that is dangerous or illegal will be staying off this board.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, PM one of our staff. Thank you.

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