How to get interest in your sale

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How to get interest in your sale Empty How to get interest in your sale

Post by Greenace14 on Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:56 pm

Though I'd throw a little how to out there, admittedly I don't know a lot about selling. However I have purchased a few times of a different forum's classifieds.
So I have a few tips for garnering that extra bit of interest in your stuff that pushes a person to buy;
1. Have PICTURES! It may be hard to upload them to this forums, but it only takes seconds to embed them from say, Photobucket.
How to get interest in your sale SANY0031
(right click on the picture you uploaded to the photo hosting service, select 'copy image URL.' then paste it into the 'image' button thing when posting)

2. use paypal, use paypals official buying option. this makes the buyer feel safe, them feeling safe lets them be willing to buy from you more. (also, since charging a paypal fee to the customer is against the rules, maybe account for it when setting your price, correct me if this is bad.)

3. write clearly and concisely.

4. bump it as often as the rules allow you to.

This is by no means a perfect list, and is not guaranteed to get your stuff sold. But it should help.

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