Operation Route 66, OLCMSS, California event

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Operation Route 66, OLCMSS, California event Empty Operation Route 66, OLCMSS, California event

Post by Whiskey on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:39 pm


The International Federation Army, IFA, is inching inland to claim the territory along historic Route 66 in the post-apocalyptic America. Most of the new enclaves give up without a fight, but in the California desert the IFA will face an unexpected opponent that holds out in a resource rich part of the desert. The IFA will have to take this town building by building and sort out foe from ally, weeding out and 'dealing with' those who refuse to surrender to the new government, those who uphold the old American value.

This will be a bloody battle in this small town along Route 66. The California Militia will defend itself, its territory, and its values from the new world power, the International Federation Army.

Battle of California begins Oct. 14th weekend.

More info coming soon


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