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SR12 into a DMR Empty SR12 into a DMR

Post by M_Lieb on Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:30 pm

So I have a KWA SR12 2GX model, and I want to upgrade it to push the envelope of performance. What parts are proprietary and what is not? I am looking at about 450-470 FPS, want to get perfect compression, and the maximum range and accuracy possible. What I want out of this post is some parts recommendations, and steps to take to build a DMR with the 2GX gearbox. I will of course use the Holy Grail DMR guide as my bible. Thanks for the help


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SR12 into a DMR Empty Re: SR12 into a DMR

Post by DHM078 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:33 pm

Since this is a KWA, to avoid issues with specs I'm gonna say use the stock gearset and piston. Your mileage with them will vary, especially depending on how worn they are already. Not my preference of parts for this, but an unfortunate reality of dealing with KWA. Picking up a JG gearset and SHS blue 7 metal teeth piston would be preferable, but how well they would mesh in a KWA-spec gearbox I do not know (luckily they are cheap if you'd like to try). Replacing the anti-reversal latch probably isn't a bad idea either. You'll want a new cylinder head, with sorbothane. Piston head needs to go too, I suggest a Prometheus piston head.

You can try the stock hop-up bucking, but I personally find that at that power the split internal mound lacks support to work well. Unfortunately, the KWA chamber seriously limits your choices of aftermarket buckings. You may be able to use this one because of its relatively thin wall, but I have not actually tried:

If you cannot find a bucking that will fit in the chamber with your choice of tightbore, you may need to replace the chamber altogether. In that case, you'll also need to replace the air nozzle.

Some buckings that I would suggest trying for this are the aforementioned ARS one and Prometheuse soft. The new PDI bucking, with its better supported split internal mound, reportedly handles high power well too, and might be worth trying, but I have not actually used one myself yet.

Prometheus tightbore of course.

If at all possible, find a set of 9mm solid bushings to replace the bearings. I do not trust bearings with high power springs. Unfortunately, this may pose a problem, as the only bushings in 9mm that I'm aware of are the oil-channel ones, which reportedly eat gear axles. Then there are the Polarstar ones that aren't in production that I have yet to see anyone's feedback on. And the only way you MAY be able to get a set of those is ordering directly from Polarstar.

For motors, you will want a torque motor with neodymium magnets.

A MOSFET is also recommended. If you are planning to modify the selector plate for semi-only, I would suggest an AWS Stealth (or Raptor), as that will ensure that the trigger will not lock up from a cutoff-lever "jam" as it can when shooting quickly in semi-auto.

Hope this helps. Unfortunately, you have a finicky platform that provides few guarantees and many headaches.

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