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KWA Mark IV ptp GBB Empty KWA Mark IV ptp GBB

Post by Phratmaster2000 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:20 am

The Box

The gun was nicely packaged in kwa's standard looking sliver box. The hopup adjustment tool, some silicon oil, and a manual were included with the gun.


The mark IV has a black shiny finish. The slide and body are made of metal while the outer barrel and pistol grips are plastic. There is a metal outer barrel available on kwa's website. The gun features a three-hole trigger and a skeleton hammer, as well as serrations in the slide that help cocking the gun when wet or with gloves. The magazine holds 14+1 rounds and can hold enough gas for a mag and a half. It also has a rubber plate attached to it which stops the mag from breaking if it falls and makes it easier to insert in the gun under pressure. The sights feature two white dots in the back but the front sight is blank. The front sight however, can be adjusted. Unfortunately, the gun does not feature a threaded outer barrel for mounting a mock suppressor. One thing that i loved about it was the working beavertail safety. Overall the externals feel very solid with absolutely no wobble.


There is not much to say about the internals except that it features kwa's NS2 system. I cannot compare it to a normal GBB because i have only owned kwa GBB's, but i do know that the ns2 is very efficient with gas and performs rather well in colder climates.


The gun shoots accurately to about 100 ft and somewhat accurately to 150 ft. The fps stands at around 370-380 fps at room temperature. I have an issue with the slide catch. A little piece broke off so the slide catch does not work but it is replaceable. The blowback is pretty strong.


This is a great pistol for 1911 lover as well as anybody.


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