Classic Army m15a4 carbine (professional line)

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Classic Army m15a4 carbine (professional line) Empty Classic Army m15a4 carbine (professional line)

Post by Phratmaster2000 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:19 am

First Impressions

The gun felt very sturdy in hand. The box was no less than massive. The latest edition (2011) of the gun comes in a solid blue packaging with Classic Army labels on the front. It was nicely packaged with not much risk of breaking during shipping. It felt very balanced in hand and the sound when firing was exquisite.


The externals are really nicely finished on this gun. Classic Army put a lot of effort into this gun to make it look as realistic and as crisp as possible. The finish is a nice matte black and the Armalite trademarks are a huge plus. It is trademarked by CA and Armalite on both sides of the lower receiver in silver font. The shrouds/handguards were pretty hard to remove the first few times but it eased in after a few days. There is plenty of battery space; i personally used a 9.6v nun chuck and it provided me with a high enough ROF for cqb IMO. The barrel was solid and there was no wobble with the magazine. There was a little stock wobble but that is fine considering even the real steel m4 has some stock wobble. It is a perfect gun to customize externally. The carry handle can be removed to reveal a numbered rail for optics. The only complain i have with the externals are the charging handle and bolt/bolt catch. The spring seems to be too long for the charging handle with results in a very very very weak bolt. When it is pulled back it sometimes does not even fully return to its original position. I have found that it is due to the gearbox pushing the bolt outward and causing it rub against the upper receiver.


The internals on this gun were acceptable stock. The wiring was fine and gears were pretty strong. The piston seemed a bit brittle but if it ever gave out it'd be an easy fix. My real problem with the internals was the anti-reversal latch. It somehow broke off and fell, making the gun useless. Since it was still under warranty with Airsoft Atlanta I simply brought it back for store credit and purchased an XCR instead. Otherwise, if you dont get a lemon, the internals are fine.


The fps was pretty constant at 390 fps. The effective range was very low for me (lemon) around 100ft. The gun constantly shot to the right. ROF- n/a.


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