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Post by JGeller on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:11 pm

I recently got a magpul PTS PRS slightly used off youtube. It's a very expensive stock that I got super cheap, so I jumped on it. Guess I'll get started.

The whole stock is constructed of magpul's super sturdy polymer, it is lightweight, and has a nice texture to it. Certain components like the adjustment knobs are metal.
Not much to say about the buffer tube, it's long and aluminum.

This stock fit easy with no modifications. Just remove your current buffer tube, exposing the short tube jutting out from your receiver. Slide the included buffer tube on (in the upper half), drop the cap and screw down in, and screw it in like you would with any buffer tube or stock. Attach the lower half of the stock and screw on. (seperation of the halves is as easy as remove two allen screws and sliding them apart).

Using the two large knobs on the stock, the cheekrest is adjustable for height, and the buttplate for length. With the removal of two more screws, a rail is revealed for mounting a monopod. You can also use this for storage.
The stock is quite hefty, over a pound at least (I'll have to weigh it) so it improves precision in that in puts most of the weight in your trigger hand. On a real rifle it would significantly reduce recoil.

Pics later. Look it up, this stock is BEAUTIFUL.

Overall, highly recommended for precision real steel shooting or an airsoft DMR if you can find it at as low of a price as I did. For almost $200 (or over that for the real steel), not really worth it. The adjustable features are nice but it's not all that much different than a fullstock with a cheekrest in complete honesty (except a full stock can house a bigger battery...).
I look forward to using it in my first game.

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