Simple ways to roll in CQB

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Simple ways to roll in CQB Empty Simple ways to roll in CQB

Post by The Whasian on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:15 pm

I'm not the most knowledgeable person in anything when it comes to tactics or strategy, but in CQB it seems easier to get hold of things that work. I believe that each field has it's own unique way of mastering it and taking full advantage to destroy the opposite team. At the arena where I play, SS Airsoft down here in Georgia, it takes very little time to know what to do. Basically, whoever sprints the fastest off the start wins. This sounds pretty obvious, but compared to what I see on the field, it isn't. Players try to go building to building, clearing and holding. This is pretty standard for the most part, however this is relatively ineffective. The arena has buildings and such, but there are also clear lanes where one can easily sprint to the opposite team's side and get a shot on their spawn room. So the deciding factor isn't really tactical, but how many people on your team are willing to sprint across the map and either get an awesome shot on the other team or get lit up(both outcomes still pressure the other team into their base). A prime example, I once managed to sprint to the other side so fast that the opposite team thought I was one of their guys. Sadly, both my mags jammed.
I appreciate tactics and strategies greatly, but sometimes the solution is very simple.
Opinions and comments are always appreciated.

The Whasian

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Simple ways to roll in CQB Empty Re: Simple ways to roll in CQB

Post by Charlie_Starke on Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:31 pm

Preben as you can see from my last post up here I love tactics, but I completely the agree with you. Best saying the Army has is KISS, keep it simple stupid. If running into your enemies spawn room works do it. Adapt to the mission.

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