Battery eliminator (temporary) for Airsoft guns

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Battery eliminator (temporary) for Airsoft guns Empty Battery eliminator (temporary) for Airsoft guns

Post by DocTony on Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:24 pm

I joined this group because I was impressed with an article by DMH078 when he wrote, "The first thing you should know is that your gun doesn't give a damn where it gets its power from [...] LiPo, NiMH, or hamster-wheel turbine, electricity is electricity." That being said by DMH078, here's my situation: I've been an airgun enthusiast since the days of the Daisy "Red Ryder" and over the years have accumulated a large collection of both airguns (4.5mm steel BB's and pellets) and in the last few years, 6mm Airsoft guns. However, I don't use Airsoft guns for simulated war-games but rather for fixed position indoor basement range target shooting and/or airgun/Airsoft tinkering.

All that out of the way and trying to keep this short and the words "fixed position" being the operative consideration, I'd like to have a direct AC/DC so-termed "wall wart" adapter power source for the Airsoft guns where I would not have to use any of the common 8.4v or 9.6 v battery packs when working on these guns or sighting them in while indoors and in a fixed position. From what I read, the problem is not so much finding the correct wall adapter voltages [8.4v or 9.6v DC output] but rather the ==amperage== issue is the sticking point because various of these 110 volt AC/DC adapters or converters are generally limited to 2 or 3 amps maximum. On the other hand there are also commercial ==variable== AC to DC power supplies which offer user set outputs between 6 through 13.6 DC volts and they contain much heftier amperages. Has anyone ever experimented with these temporary alternative power sources when Airsoft guns are used in fixed positions?

True enough, the use of AC/DC adapters would be quite useless in outside MOBILE use of Airsoft guns where gun and shooter mobility is essential but what of Airsoft ==fixed position== indoor use! By way of analogy, think of a 'real' fixed position pill box heavy machine gun where the availability of ammo and extra barrels [think the real McCoy M60!] for heat issues causes the gun to do its thing while in Airsoft the presence of an electrical lead cord (AC/DC adapter or a variable DC output power supply supplying the power and of course with a spliced in Tamiya +/- wire set for direct connection to the Airsoft gun coming from the adapter or power supply lead cord terminals] doing essentially the same thing. This would facilitate working on the Airsoft guns or sighting them in or tinkering with their innards without dependence on its normal required battery pack by ==temporarily== using a plug into the wall AC/DC adapter or variable DC output power source but which had sufficient amperage to operate the Airsoft gun motor. Any input or thoughts on this would be highly appreciated.  And this too, with an AC/DC adapter or indeed a user set [with regard to selectable DC voltages] variable AC to DC power supply , what would be the ideal AC/DC adapter amperage requirement [DC] to run an Airsoft internal motor? Unfortunately, the internet gives rather varying responses to that normal battery pack amperage question ranging from these common Airsoft battery packs allegedly putting out 5 amps [2/3rds of an amp X 7 or 8 1.2v multiple cells -- in effect, 9.6 volts with 5.28 amps] up to [at one website source] a cited yet whopping 25 amps battery pack output! How much cumulative amperage do they actually put out and how much amperage would be required in the AC/DC adapter or variable DC power supply source?  --- DocTony


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