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Post by JGeller on Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:28 pm

Beautiful looking. The stock is real walnut wood that looks simply gorgeous. Everything else is metal with a nice dull finish. The bolt locks back and slams forward with a satisfying "CLANK." My only complaint is that magazines are a pain to get in (no quick changes) and the heat shield is an ugly, flimsy, shiny plastic. I plan to replace it, or paint it.
The buttplate lifts up easily to reveal a door that clips open to reveal the battery compartment, in which I easily fit a 9.6v 4500mah NiMH. With this battery, ROF is exceptional, but we're talk about that later.

The gun comes stock with a decent quality 6.035mm tightbore. It's not Prometheus, but it gives nice groupings.
The hop up unit is an AUG type. I don't love the adjustment, but it is a good, responsive unit.
The motor is encased in plastic that seems to be molded around it... a bit strange and I don't see how I'd change the motor out, but I haven't come to that bridge yet, per se. Height adjustment is done with an allen screw.
Now that I mention height adjustment, to access anything internally you must remove the trigger guard (easy) and seperate the two halves of the gun. It's easy but can be a pain if you're adjusting motor height often or whatever..
The gearbox is a PAIN to access, but that's to be expected with an M14. This gun IS NOT MARUI M14 COMPATIBLE, as it uses the CA design and not a V7. Specs are weird, V2/3 gears, V6 spring guide.... stuff like that. So, upgrades are more readily available, but realize that they are not V7 upgrades.
On this note, TM and clone mags DO NOT fit the magwell. Only G&G or CA.
The gearbox is pretty heavily reinforced and looks solid, as do the gears. It has an M130 spring pre installed, which yields abut 404 fps with .2's , which is fine but indicates poor airseal... even thus, range is very nice. On that note...

The performance is AWESOME. Rate of fire is exceptional, if I had to guess ~20 rps on a 9.6v . I'll have to find the exact number, but it's pretty damn fast... which is great for quick bursts or laying down suppressive fire. And the gun is DEADLY ACCURATE. The bbs even at this ROF stay in a laser beam of white, no flyers or significant spread. Accuracy was 4.5 inches at 100 feet when formally tested (standing, I'll have to do a bench test). Range I haven't measured, but it's definitely satisfactory. It isn't DMR performance, but it'll outrange most any other gun on the field (besides DMR's or sniper rifles...). About 180' accurate, which is very nice for a stock gun IMO. In the game in which I used it I was able to reach out to around 200+' using Goldenball .3's, which yielded 330fps at the chrono (just a fun fact).

Conclusion and Specs
Overall I am in love with this gun. It has the most beautiful looking wood finish I have ever seen, solid, nice looking metal, and just as solid internals. This thing won't fail on you anytime soon. Performance is exceptional as well. Above average range, deadly accuracy, and definitely way above average rof. 20 was just an estimate, but this thing will turn heads Wink

Specs - 404fps with .2g
ROF - ~20rps (estimate)
Range - ~180' effective (estimate)

Overall, highly recommended. Undoubtedly more field ready than a Marui, more readily upgradeable, though with obviously less range, and again, not a true V7 gearbox.

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