Operation Five Ninety: Part Two, Aunt Nora - GA players read

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Operation Five Ninety: Part Two, Aunt Nora - GA players read Empty Operation Five Ninety: Part Two, Aunt Nora - GA players read

Post by JGeller on Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:08 pm

Saturday, July 2 · 10:00am - 5:00pm
Camp Creek Woodlands Airsoft Field
Created By
Deon Christopher Smith
More Info
Operation Five-Ninety, Part II: Aunt Nora.

Hosted by Jaguar 12 Airsoft. Camp Creek Woodlands Airsoft Field. July 2nd, 2011.

Admission: $10, Groups of 10 or more players receive %50 off admission cost.
Lunch: $5
Gun Rental: $10

Note: This event will contain drug references, including mock drugs. Parents are cautioned this event may be unsuitable for children.

The Ibarra Cartel is by far the most powerful cartel in Mexico. They have been using aggressive tactics to ensure their drugs make it onto US Soil, and that money and military grade firearms make it back across the border. Instead of sending in lone “mules”, The Cartel had launched an all out assault across the Rio Grande with large numbers of illegal immigrants carrying these drugs known as “mules”, who were escorted by armed “coyotes” who guide them across the border. Deadly fire firefights between the Ibarras and US law enforcement agencies had resulted in almost 2 thousand killed.

President Obama declared this an act of war on the US. In February 2011, Operation Five-Ninety was launched. US Border Patrol, DEA, and ATF Agents, along with the CIA, Private Military Contractors and the Mexican Federales are involved in the aggressive, multi-national joint operation set at dismantling The Ibarra Cartel.

The operation is now into its 5th month, and thanks to the efforts of law enforcement officers on both sides of the border, the Ibarra Cartel is falling apart. Key players of the cartel have been captured or killed. However, Aunt Nora, the Ibarras head honcho has remained an elusive target, in power, and her true identity is still a mystery; however, she must be removed from power if law enforcement agencies are to win this drug war.

Click here for full details: http://ccw-airsoft.webs.com/apps/calendar/showEvent?next=showMonth%3FcalID%3D4870667&year=2011&month=5&calID=4870667&eventID=133862672&msg=wasUpdated

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